General Terms and Conditions for translation services

Regulations concerning the provision of translation services, certified translations in Warsaw and interpreting services provided by MTR Translation Agency in Poland


§ 1

General provisions

  1. These Regulations specify the rules for the provision of translation services, certified translations in Warsaw and interpreting services provided by MTR Translation Agency in Poland.
  2. Cooperation on the translation is concluded upon confirmation of the terms and conditions of translation via e-mail or by contract between the Polish MTR Translation Agency and the client.


§ 2

Ordering translations

  1. Document translation service: documents to be translated are sent by a client to MTR electronically to the following address:office|mtr24.p| |office| as an attachment or via a form. MTR Translation Agency offers the option to have the documents delivered personally, sent by mail or courier to the following address: MTR Translation Agency, ul. Mydlarska 47, 04-690 Warsaw, Poland.
  2. Translation service: a free translation quote is prepared for the client along with a deadline for translation realisation based on the received files/documents/scans/photos.
  3. By agreeing to the terms of the translation service: the price and the deadline, the client accepts the provisions of these Regulations.


§ 3

Regular and sworn translations in Warsaw

  1. There are: standard translations, specialised translations (construction translations, website translations, legal translations, financial translations, IT translations, marketing translations, medical translations, technical translations) and sworn translations.
  2. The basis for the calculation of translation and specialised translation volume is the number of standard pages in the translated text.
  3. One standard page of regular translation and specialised translation is 1800 characters with spaces. Translation volume is rounded up to the whole standard page.
  4. The basis for the calculation of sworn translation volume is the number of standard pages in the translated text. The standard page contains 1125 characters with spaces. The volume of translated text is rounded up to the whole standard page. At the request of a client, MTR Translation Agency will make more copies of a certified translation for 50% of the original translation price. Sworn translations for our clients are performed by a certified translator from Warsaw who is authorised by the Minister of Justice.
  5. MTR Translation Agency confirms receipt of documents for translation and agrees with the customer on the cost and the deadline for translation.
  6. The price and deadline for translation are set individually with the client. The day of translation handover agreed with the client is the day of service provision.
  7. MTR Translation Agency sends back the translation depending on the arrangements made with the client concerning the pickup option. Pickup can be done in person or by: mail, courier and by e-mail to the address specified by the customer.
  8. Cancellation of a translation service order should be prepared in writing via e-mail. If a translation order is cancelled while the works are underway, the customer shall be charged for the amount of text translated up to the moment of cancellation.


§ 4


  1. The customer orders an interpretation at the following email address office|| |office|
  2. The interpreting company agrees with the client on the price and the date of the interpretation. The arrangements are sent to the client via email.
  3. The basis for settlement of an interpreting service is an interpreting block of 2 hours.
  4. Depending on the type of translation, interpreting is carried out by an interpreter who is a specialist in a given field (technical interpreter) or a sworn translator from Warsaw.
  5. Cancellation of an interpreting service order should be done in writing via email, 1 business day in advance. If the order cancellation happens on the same day, the client is obliged to pay the full amount for the ordered translation.


§ 5

Obligations of the Contracting Parties

  1. MTR Translation Agency hereby declares that translations are carried out with due diligence while preserving the professional nature of the performed work.
  2. MTR Translation Agency provides translation services using employed or affiliated translators specialising in professional translation services. Translations from and into Polish are delivered by Polish translators.
  3. The Polish translation agency and the client discuss any service-related issues via e-mail.


§ 6


  1. The customer is obliged to pay for the translation on the basis of an invoice.
  2. Payments shall be made in the form of a transfer to the account specified in the invoice or in cash at the office premises: MTR Translation Agency, ul. Mydlarska 47, Warsaw, Poland.
  3. The translation agency has the option to claim overdue payments and charge interest for late payments in accordance with applicable laws, as well as using the services of debt collection companies.


§ 7


  1. The Client has the right to lodge a complaint regarding the received translation.
  2. If MTR Translation Agency determines that the complaint is justified, the error in the translation shall be removed free of charge, provided it is reported within 14 days from the date of receipt of the translation by the client. Complaints submitted after this deadline may be chargeable.
  3. Lodging a complaint does not change the payment deadline for the translation service.
  4. The amount of compensation for any translation-related damages incurred shall be limited to the amount due as specified in the invoice.


§ 8

Copyright & Confidentiality

  1. Property copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the completed translation are transferred to the client upon payment of the full amount due, based on an invoice issued by MTR Translation Agency.
  2. All documents and information provided by the client and the content of the meetings interpreted by the interpreters are viewed as confidential and are not made available to third parties, with the exception of publicly available materials (press and Internet publications, publicly available legal acts, etc.).
  3. Client data is only collected and processed for the purpose of proper delivery of translation services.
  4. The translation agency shall take the necessary measures to protect the client's personal data and any other data provided, including in particular translated documents and texts.
  5. MTR Translation Agency reserves the right to share documents and information received from the client with cooperating parties in order to provide translation services.


§ 9

Final provisions

  1. Matters not specifid in these Regulations shall be governed by generally applicable laws.
  2. If any provision of these Regulations is held to be invalid in whole or in part, the remaining provisions shall prevail and remain in force.
  3. Any disputes arising in connection with the provisions of these Regulations or the provided professional translation services shall be resolved by a common court having jurisdiction over the registered office of MTR Translation Agency in Poland.
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