Construction Translation

Specialised translation refers to the translation of documents whose text is specialised. They include highly complex documents requiring additional knowledge from a translator in order to understand them. They often feature specialised and difficult vocabulary. In construction, the phrase ‘time is money’ could never be more true. And we appreciate that.

Apart from the language and translation skills themselves, translators of specialised texts must possess additional and in-depth knowledge of a given field. Linguists are thoroughly vetted. So when it comes to translating anything from technical or design documentation to sales collateral and websites, we work in partnership with you to create accurate, clear, creative translations. These types of documents are time-consuming and require additional work from their translator.

Translation Agency MTR promises is that we will only select translators to work on construction translation projects who have the adequate experience and relevant specialist knowledge.

Our Polish translation agency is located in Warsaw and it is where we run things but we provide translations into English from all around Poland (we provide translations also: Polish-German translation, German-Polish translation, French-Polish translation) . As a result, you can be sure that no matter where you are, you will receive a professional translation even within 24 hours (depending on the document).

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