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What is the difference betwen general and specialised language

Specialised translation refers to the translation of specialised documents. They include highly complex documents requiring additional knowledge from the translator. They often feature specialised and difficult vocabulary. We provide professional website, app and e-commerce translation services at competitive prices so you can grow your business with confidence.

Translating a website into Chinese or English

Apart from the language and translation skills themselves, translators of specialised texts must possess additional and in-depth knowledge of a given field. Thinking of conquering foreign markets? Taking your products or services to new horizons? Translation Agency MTR is your trusted ally to cross these borders. We provide: Polish-English translation, English-Polish translation, Polish-German translation, German-Polish translation, French-Polish translation.

Specialised translation for all business sectors

As a translation company for specialised translations, we translate for business, legal and scetors, e.g. for HR, legal translation, technical.

Technical and Specialised translation

More reasons why you should choose our Polish translation agency in Warsaw:

  • Fair pricing – we quote translations from English using the generally accepted standard, with a translation page being 1,600 characters with spaces.
  • Translation requests from home – formalities reduced to a minimum and possibility of sending the document to be translated by email. 
  • Access to experienced English translators – we cooperate exclusively with specialists from whom we expect high-quality services.
  • Friendly communication – we believe that even the best English translator will not be enough if we are not kind to our customers.
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