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Financial translation

Specialised translation refers to the translation of documents whose text is specialised. They include highly complex documents requiring additional knowledge from a translator in order to understand them. They often feature specialised and difficult vocabulary.

Apart from the language and translation skills themselves, translators of specialised texts must possess additional and in-depth knowledge of a given field. These types of documents are time-consuming and require additional work from their translator.

Our offer also includes financial translations. We know very well that the slightest mistakes can often lead to losses, so we pay special attention to them. Our translations are made by expert economists who know industry-specific vocabulary and accounting principles used both in Poland and the target country. We also know very well that some documents are often needed as soon as possible so we are not afraid to work on them under pressure. Our economic translations are provided fast and without mistakes. Every translation of financial documents provided by us is additionally proofread by the Quality Assurance Department from all angles.

We translate and localise the following financial documents:

  • financial statements, annual and quarterly reports,
  • certificates, insurance guarantees, policies,
  • loan agreements, purchase/sale agreements, leasing agreements, loans, assignments,
  • invoices, bills,
  • credit applications,
  • tender documents,
  • financial documentation of companies,
  • and any other financial and banking documents.

We provide both regular and certified translation of all financial documents.

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